Application Form

The Royal Canadian Marine Search & Rescue members are unpaid marine rescue specialist volunteers. Saving lives at sea, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Application Form for Active Crew

  • Whenever our RCMSAR 5 members are on call they put themselves at risk. Being part of a SAR crew should be considered an honour, but consider it carefully. Any mariner that goes to sea experiences risk and especially those that endeavour to go out and assist mariners in distress. Please consider also how you will balance your work and family obligations with the commitment expected of a SAR member. We invest a lot of training in our crew members, and our experienced coxswains and trainers will be spending a lot of their volunteer time training you. All we ask in return is your commitment.
  • Over 100 hours a year plus commitment to new crew training with 100% participation Dedicating your time to helping and participating in community events, boating safety education, vessel safety inspections, and providing support to assist in community disasters. Assisting in fundraising events, vessel maintenance, facility maintenance (docks/boat houses), mentoring new members, attending unit meetings, training sessions, special weekend sessions etc. Ensuring that training and incident forms are submitted accurately and on time, certificates and personal information updated and accurate in the RCMSAR database (SAR Management System ) A commitment to all the above to ensure safe and successful missions.
  • By submitting this application form I am stating that all information provided above is true and complete and I am authorizing RCM to contact my references. I understand if I am accepted for training I will be subjected to an RCMP criminal records check, and the results will be released to the Royal Canadian Marine Search & Rescue Station 5. Royal Canadian Marine Search & Rescue Station 5 – Crescent Beach appreciates the time you have taken to complete this application. Short listed applicants will be contacted for interviews and invited to an orientation and information session. Applications will be kept on file and considered for the next recruitment.
  • References