Susie Inkpen received the CEO Commendation Award for an an individual who displays an extraordinary dedication to duty and strength of purpose in pursuit of saving lives on the water. Susie spends hours and hours quietly repairing our vessels during her time away from work.

Extraordinary service brings Extraordinary Awards

Two of our volunteers received awards from RCMSAR

Scotty Harrold received the New Member Award, presented by RCMSAR headquarters to a new member of a station who steps up and provides exceptional service to the station. Scotty is constantly finding ways to make our station more efficient and organized. His time behind the scenes is countless

SAR scene 2021

Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue – Station 5, Crescent Beach placed first in the Marine SAR category AND had the highest score overall across all SAR disciplines in this year’s SAR Games at #SARScene2021

SAR scene is an online SAR conference with land, air, and marine bases search and rescue challenges. RCMSAR 5 entered the marine based challenge along with with other search and rescue organizations. Our RCMSAR 5 team won the marine division. Not only did our team (Rona, Adam, Johnny and Ryan) have consistent high scores throughout the challenges, they scored extremely high on one of the challenges beating all other teams including all other land and air based units.