Where the Money goes

Here’s how you helped save lives on the water.

RCMSAR 5 are local Marine Search and Rescue volunteers operating out of Crescent Beach Marina. Crews are on standby 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Typical Rescue equipment costs

$30 is the price of protective goggles, which improve vision during foul weather rescues
$50 pays for a strobe light, which could save the life of a crewmember swept overboard during a night rescue
$72 is the price of a helmet – essential for a crewmember racing at high speeds to a rescue
$150 pays for a utility vest, which gives a crewmember quick access to first aid and safety equipment
$400 buys a radio for fast communication between rescue crews and rescue coordinators
$500 is the price of an all-weather survival suit. A necessity for British Columbia’s freezing waters and harsh winter storms.

An average incident costs $174 in fuel and equipment wear and tear. This does not include the initial purchase of the vessel or the purchase of equipment.

Individual Donation

No members of RCMSAR5 or SPMRS receive any payment for their volunteer commitment.