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By participating you are helping make our local waters safe for everybody. RCMSAR is comprised solely of volunteers so the only way they can continue is with your support and participation of members of the community. Interested ? Send us an email

Positions range from active search and rescue crew to shore-based SAR prevention, maintenance, and fundraising roles. While we encourage all submission it is important to remember that all active crew must live within 20 minutes of Crescent Beach Marina.


SearchRoyal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue Unit 5 (Crescent Beach) unit with the Cormarant Search and Rescue helicopter in the background searches the waters of Boundary Bay for a missing boater.
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Volunteer Requirements

You must be:

  • 19 years of age or over
  • Physically fit, mature and reliable Available to be on call and remain within 20 minutes of Crescent Beach Marina as part of a rotation schedule
  • A team player
  • A good communicator
  • Ready to support your station’s community and fundraising activities
  • You have to obtain a valid Pleasure Craft Operator's Card
  • You must get a Criminal Record Check
  • You must live within 20 minutes (driving time) of Crescent Beach Marina
  • You must work well in a team and have a positive attitude


Within the first 4 months of joining the following is also required. Details will be provided at the orientation.

  • First aid certification - CPR-C
  • Restricted Radiotelephone Operator's Certificate - ROC-M


We will assist you with marine and search and rescue training including:

  • Marine Advanced First Aid
  • Small Vessel Operator Proficiency


We provide:

    RCM-SARís own comprehensive training program, SARNAV training in our own electronic navigation fast rescue craft simulator.
  • The latest personal safety equipment
  • The opportunity to work with other dedicated search and rescue crews
  • The opportunity to crew on sophisticated search and rescue fast response vessels
  • Group insurance coverage


You don't get paid